I noticed this at Digital Point Forum. Only a minority of members are using post icons. A post icon can be used to give an idea about the type of your post when it is listed along with other posts. For an example, is your post about a question you have or is it about new finding or do you want to criticize something?

If post icons are available at your forum then you can use one of them at posting to give a better idea and to gain attraction. Most of vBulletin forums including Digital Point have this right under the post box as below, Continue Reading »

Currently Google reports 36,800,000 results for the term “affiliate marketing”. This niche is really competitive not only because of the numbers but also because of savvy internet marketers. This is a niche about marketing. So, all the top players are playing. But it seems ordinary people can also score well. Here is a story of a person who made it to the Google top. Still his full story is pending. But you can already get some clues.

If you are a busy entrepreneur, you know the value of saving time, even seconds or minutes. One way to save time is applying automation to repeating tasks. For an example, there are set of sites we usually visit. You might have bookmarked them. But again you have to visit bookmarks and make couple of clicks to open them. How about opening them all by opening just one file?

This can be got done with a batch file. A batch file allows you to run commands in Windows. These commands can be things like executing a program. A batch file calls MS Dos prompt and executes written commands. So, the commands you write in a batch file are similar to DOS commands.

Don’t worry if you don’t know a single DOS command or haven’t seen DOS prompt before. Getting our goal done is easy. The way I did this worked only in Firefox not in IE. The reason should be tabbed browsing. If you want to try with IE, then go for one with tabbed browsing. Here are the steps, Continue Reading »

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger has started another group writing project with the help of Chitika. This time the topic is “Top Five”. It can be about anything. So, I thought a while and came up with my input “Top Five Challenges Newbies Face Online”.

Even though this is for a competition, I do think these are burning problems newbies have and thank to Darren for influencing me to bring my thoughts out. I have addressed them in my full potential and love to have your input too. Continue Reading »

Recently I wrote a reference post for Tamar’s Introduction to Google’s Webmaster Central. I just copied its title and modified. What I hadn’t noticed is the smart quote (curly quote). Although WordPress Permalinks mechanism removes normal quotes (straight quotes), it does assign a weird code for smart quotes. So, my Permalink was like below,


So, I had to change the post slug to remove unnecessary characters. Now it appears like below. (This would be the same Permalink I get if I had included a normal quote rather than a smart quote)


I didn’t create a 301 redirection since the post was new. But if you make this change to a old post which has been referenced everywhere (in other web sites) then you will really need to create one since you may loose visitors and search engine crawling.

In Press Release Marketing, I mentioned to use a separate email address with a filter in your submission. That is using something like [email protected] and creating a filter in your email program to identify the emails sent to it. What I did was redirecting all emails sent to my press address to a Gmail account (since my web host allowed it) and creating a filter there called “Press” (Don’t use a direct Gmail address in your submission, it’s not that professional).

When your press releases get spread on the web, more and more email scrapping scripts would capture your email address and send you spam emails. So, if you haven’t created a filter then you would find it really difficult to distinguish between spam and original ones. And when you get about 20+ spam emails daily, it would be a real time consumer. Continue Reading »

Tamar from 10e20 has written an introduction article about Google’s Webmaster Central which can be the #1 Google source for your site. If you feel complex or still haven’t tried all cool features, Tamar takes you a nice tour with images.

She talks about Site Verification, Crawl status, Crawl rate, URL removing, Page Rank status, Search Query status, External Links status and submitting a Sitemap. If your site is new, you won’t see all cool statistics in your central. But 10e20 is a well established site and you can see what kind of data lies in each section.

Even though you keep your site ethical, there is a chance to get banned from AdSense. This may be because of a visitor activity on your site which led to invalid clicks. However if you get flagged about invalid clicks, you would notice that Google doesn’t give you any data about the occurrence in their warning emails.

Therefore often webmasters have no idea about what to do and get banned ultimately. One way to avoid getting banned that I can think of is shutting down AdSense for a long period of time when you get your first warning. Continue Reading »

I am late to post this. But thought to bring it up since the thing is hot and repeatedly happen. Recently Kumiko Suzuki banned from Google AdSense. The reason is invalid clicks which Google doesn’t give any data about the occurrence. As Kumiko says,

“It didn’t just happen overnight though. I received a warning a couple of months ago that invalid clicks were being generated on my ads…but as Google explicitly states in the warning letter - they won’t tell you from where or by who or what you can do stop it. So what could I do about it? Nothing.” Continue Reading »

In WordPress Permalinks mechanism, file name of a post is made by converting whole title into lowercase and replacing spaces among words with hyphens (-). If the title contains special characters like question marks (?) then those will be removed. So, if you write long titles then URLs of your posts will also be long. Continue Reading »